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People are said to spend a third of their lives sleeping, so why do we care so little about the materials we sleep on? We are on a mission to change that by offering the best fabric to sleep on - silk!

natural pure silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcase has plenty of beauty benefits! It will keep your hair nice, prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming, and won't irritate your face. And best of all, it will add a little bit of luxury to your life.

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silk hair ties & elastic hand bands

Silk scrunchies are a lifesaver, especially for brittle hair! Because of its softness, silk doesn’t tug or pull your hair, which is the main cause for hair snapping.

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silk face mask

A good face mask should fit properly and also be comfortable enough to wear for a full day if needed. Unlike cotton masks - silk is lightweight and lets you breathe easily. Because it feels soft against your skin, the mask is perfect for prolonged wear.

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