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our story

People are said to spend a third of their lives sleeping, so why do we care so little about the materials we sleep on? We are on a mission to change that by offering the best fabric to sleep on - silk!

Not many people realize this, but the usual pillowcase fabrics, such as cotton, flannel, and linen, are extremely absorbent, making these natural fabrics some of the worst for bedding. When you sleep, your body naturally loses moisture, which then gets absorbed into the pillowcase and may possibly lead to a variety of skin, hair, and scalp issues.

Our search of finding the best bedding fabric has led us to silk - and that’s how our story began. The more we looked, the more benefits of silk we found, so we expanded to other ventures, such as sleep masks, hair ties, and more recently - face masks.

We have done our research and truly believe in the power of silk, and we want others to experience the benefits too. We want our customers to love our products, we're so sure about it - we are offering a money guarantee!

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